3 Easy Steps to Fix Unity Time Sync Error ?

This is a Quick Fixed that worked for me and for those receiving a Unity Time Sync Error!

Most sites are going to tell you to delete your Unity Library and Re-Import All Assets.  While this may end up being the fixed, First Try This:

Look at the file Error in Unity Console window, If all the folders it references leads back to one folder then you can do this.

1. Open Computer, Navigate your C:// drive to find that folder.

2. Drag that folder to your Desktop. ( Keep that window you found it in "Open" )

3. After it compiles, Re-Drag it back to it's Folder Window.

That's All...

Unity will re-import the file structure and Time Sync is Fixed.

Unity Lighting Flickering Edges on 3D models

For those who are struggling to tackle this problem, there can be several reasons why.

Here are a 2 solutions that might improve the quality.

Solution 1 - Your scene was created with a scale too big or too small. Attempt to resize your scene keeping scale reference to Unity's [Assets] create cube.

Solution 2 - (my solution) The models I had FBX exported from Maya were Combined Models. Even though the textures read fine in Unity, the light mapping did NOT. 

Make sure the models are 1 solid geometry with even triangulated geometry.

Also when exporting your assets from Maya, in FBX export [Options]  [Presets] you can include the check box [ ]Tangents and Binomials. Then when in Unity, after you import the model, look at the models setting and Import [Tangents] and Import [Normals]. This was discovered as I took models through my Substance painter workflow.

Good Luck!

Multiplayer Split Screen with Unity 5 (no stretching)

Having stretching issues with split screen cameras?

Setting up multiple camera systems in unity to achieve multiplayer is very easy and there are many tutorials to show you how. Most however leave out one crucial factor, that if your using a perspective camera then you need to balance the values of your Field of View with your Z position on your camera.

This does NOT apply if you are using 2D or orthographic view.